Friday, April 3, 2009

April? What about May?

Someone mentioned to me that they think that this would be a great fundraiser for their organization, but they will not have their next meeting until late April.  Then collect your coins in May or June or whenever is good for your group.  For others it is Spring Break and a family vacation that would prevent them from participating.  Then do it this week or in a month.

  CHANGE for America Week is to be used to your best advantage. If you are more comfortable keeping your coins in a jar, then keep them.   If you want to used them to splurge, then do that. If you want to keep some of your coins and donate the rest, go ahead.  Do as you think best. 


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Suggestions for CHANGE for America Week

  • Deposit it.  If you deposit the money you gather it is still your money.  If you have a savings account that earns even just a little, that would be better than it sitting in a jar.
  • If you regularly buy yourself a cup of coffee.  Pay for it with coins. 
  • Deposit it into your checking account and pay down debt.  Your savings will be earned in the interest you don't pay.
  • If you regularly use a debt card for small purchases, use coins, then transfer that same amount from your checking into savings.

The Poll

I have people ask about the poll.  "Why do you have the ' More harm than good choice'? "

I have that option because some people have told me that they think it will cause trouble for the banks and the Federal Reserve with all those coins coming coming back into the banks.  I have heard people say that the Federal Reserve has come to expect that there would be a certain amount of coins left dormant and to have millions, if not billions of dollars in coins suddenly showing up in circulation will be a really bad thing instead of a good thing. That it would be tantamount to printing more money.  What do you think?e


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tell a Friend, Send an Email-Get the Word Out!

Are any of you old enough, like me to remember that old shampoo commercial that had the model saying something like, "Two friends told two friends, and they told two friends and so on and so on."  Well that is what is happening here!   Be a part of the success of CHANGE for America Week (April 12-18, 2009) and tell two friends or three or ten and ask them to tell their friends.  Get the word out.  We could easily reach millions of people.  

If three people told three different people and the next day they told three different people within just 2 weeks (14 days)  there could be more then 4 million people participating!