Friday, April 3, 2009

April? What about May?

Someone mentioned to me that they think that this would be a great fundraiser for their organization, but they will not have their next meeting until late April.  Then collect your coins in May or June or whenever is good for your group.  For others it is Spring Break and a family vacation that would prevent them from participating.  Then do it this week or in a month.

  CHANGE for America Week is to be used to your best advantage. If you are more comfortable keeping your coins in a jar, then keep them.   If you want to used them to splurge, then do that. If you want to keep some of your coins and donate the rest, go ahead.  Do as you think best. 



  1. At first I thought this was s silly idea, then I counted all the coins I had saved and realized that I had enough to buy an item I had been saving months for! Thanks

  2. I don't know what I am going to do with my coins. I may just keep them, but I am glad I found this bog, because I finally counted my coins and found that I had over $60.00. I had gotten into so much of a habit of just dumping my coins into my 5 gallon water bottle that I did not even think about it.